Encouraging the Quislings Among Us, Now PA Encouraging us to Snitch on Each Other

by Dwight D. Weidman

As a baby boomer, I grew up watching a lot of war movies. In my childhood, World War Two was still fresh in the minds of most. A common theme in those films were stories of Nazi-occupied countries. I can recall one in particular about a peaceful Norwegian village occupied by brutal German forces. Most of the Norwegians chafed under the Nazis and their tyrannical rule, but there was always this one guy in the village who thought it was better for everyone to do what they were told and serve the evil occupiers, for their own good, of course. In this particular movie, the character was named Karl Arnesen, and was sympathetic to the Nazis even before the war began. People like Karl Arnesen were called Quislings, after an infamous Norwegian collaborator. As the plot developed, Arnesen helped the Nazis by informing on his neighbors and reporting anyone who resisted the occupation, for their own good, of course. When several villagers developed a plan to take a boat to England to join the resistance, Karl Arnesen got wind of it and ran to the Germans. Karl was instructed to go with the villagers, and was to carry a light to signal the Nazis and again betray his neighbors, for their own good, of course. Fortunately, the loyal Norwegians discovered Arnesen’s treachery, and just before he could signal the Nazis, he was overpowered and sent for a swim in the cold, dark waters of the Norwegian Fjord—all for his own good, of course!

Today, it seems that we have our own Quislings among us. They are called progressives, or liberals, or just Democrats, and the Pennsylvania Department of Health is trying to enlist them to rat out their neighbors or employers who may not be complying with Governor Wolf’s tyrannical directives on the Covid19 panic. Thanks to the Aaron Bernstein for State Representative Campaign and the Keystone Report, we now know that the Department of Health has launched an online form to enable Pennsylvanians to turn in friends and neighbors for “violations” of social distancing, covid19 brainwashing sessions, and other horrible crimes, all for their own good, of course. There is probably no reward other than the great feeling of accomplishment a Quisling would get for turning in someone who dared to resist the authority of the state, but you all get the point.

Folks, you now see the future before you. Someday, the same snitches will be turning you in for having a gun, using too much fossil fuel, or engaging in the left’s ever-changing version of “hate speech”, but don’t worry, because it will be for your own good….of course.

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