Franklin County Group Formed to Fight for Reopening on 5-11

by Dwight D. Weidman.

In the face of Governor Wolf’s arbitrary and opaque rules for re-opening our economy, a group of Franklin County area business people have decided that enough is enough and have formed a group called “Fighting Back ReOpen May 11th”. The group launched a Facebook site on May 1st, and is currently made up of at least 18 small and medium-sized business owners who think it’s time to put people back to work and put food on the table for their families. Franklin and other surrounding South Central PA counties have had lower incidences of Coronavirus cases and deaths than other areas of the state but continue to be kept closed by government fiat.

Shane Myers, the director and spokesperson for the group, has stated that some businesses don’t want to be revealed at this point, due to fear of retaliation, but has listed Antrim Way Honda, UV Stems “The Flower Shop”, Janie’s Treasures, All Things Country, Alpha Fitness, UV Bronze Tanning, along with multiple Real Estate Agencies and Hair Salons as being charter members of the group. He has also stated that local elected officials State Senator Doug Mastriano, State Representatives Paul Schemel and Rob Kauffman, Greencastle Mayor Ben Thomas and 85th District Representative David Rowe have been very supportive. “I believe that the local officials will be on your side on this one. Keep up the effort” remarked Paul Schemel and “While there are risks associated with it, I understand why it may be necessary for some to do this. There is a time for civil disobedience in a democratic society. Citizens and business owners have to decide what their breaking point is. It would definitely be important to have the local mayors and police departments involved, as they are the ones enforcing in our local downtown business districts” said Representative Rob Kauffman. Myers said he also expects more businesses to get involved. The Facebook page also mentions that attorney Chris Sheffield is providing legal support to the group.

A press release has gone out to local media about the group’s formation. Anyone wishing to support this effort to resist Governor Wolf’s tyranny should go to the group’s Facebook page at or call Shane Myers at 717-709-6246.

14 thoughts on “Franklin County Group Formed to Fight for Reopening on 5-11

  1. Wolf has to learn he works for the people of Pennsylvania, if he’s incapable, then the people will have the last say!!!!!! Dictators usually have unhappy endings.

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  2. I don’t have a business but I support those that do. We need to get back to work and stop this nonsense. I would like to see the churches to open up also.


  3. Wolf can not be reasoned with. They continue to completely ignore the science on this issue and this tyranny has been allowed to continue long enough. He and the secretary of health have circumvented our congress on this matter and it’s time for complete civil disobedience. I fully, 100% support these businesses in their efforts. Hopefully law enforcement will stand with these businesses and do what is right. Without them his tyrannical decrees have no teeth. Enough is enough. We can’t continue this madness and Wolf needs to be put in check.


  4. Who died and made Wolf God? Those who voted for him! What credentials does he have to make medical decisions on our behalf? None! Yes, we need to be safe but not dictated to! Vote him out! Open everything!!


  5. My husband and I would like to reopen our yoga/martial arts business on Monday. I’m needing more info please? We are sinking quickly and have not yet received any funding that we have applied for.. we will be cautious of course.


    1. Thanks. There is a new article up that makes it even more important. This is a chance for some local leader to step up and actually LEAD. Do we have any?


  6. Open up the businesses now. It hard to understand why big chain stores are open and identical stores next door are not allow to open. Let’s get back to a normal life.


  7. What a bunch of damn snowflakes. Quit your whining and do your duty to your neighbors and nation. Why doesnt mastriano get out of Harrisburg and do something useful like organize food drops for the hungry and grocery delivery for the elderly.


    1. Probably because Senator Mastriano knows that his constituents would rather be free to go out and earn a living than sit home and hope for another taxpayer-funded handout. It seems that you are the snowflake.


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