Sorry Franklin County, Wolf Says “No Work for You” Until June 4th

By Dwight D. Weidman

According to the Associated Press, the 13 counties added to the “yellow” category for reopening under Governor Tom Wolf’s arbitrary and dictatorial lockdown edict will not include Franklin County, a move which will no doubt drive many small businesses into bankruptcy. It will mean that it will be until at least June 4th before most small businesses in Franklin County will be allowed to operate, despite the county’s low COVID19 case and death numbers, and the fact that neighboring counties are getting relief.

It’s ironic that this date is also right after the June 2nd primary election, since Wolf and his corrupt Democrat allies have been pushing hard to keep people away from the polls and cast mail-in ballots instead.

Hopefully this will give momentum to the new county movement “Open on 5-11” and inject some backbone into our otherwise spineless politicians. It’s time for a leader to step up to bring us out of this mess. For starters, local law enforcement should refuse to enforce Wolf’s illegal edicts, and our local District Attorney should follow the Green County DA’s lead in refusing to prosecute these so-called “offenses”.

The move to open Franklin County businesses on 5-11 needs everyone’s support. A press release has gone out to local media about the group’s formation. Anyone wishing to support this effort to resist Governor Wolf’s tyranny should go to the group’s Facebook page at or call Shane Myers at 717-709-6246.

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