BREAKING: Franklin County May be Ready to Join the Anti-Wolf Rebellion

BREAKING…2:30 PM May 9, 2020

By Dwight D. Weidman

According to inside information, a group of Franklin County officials, responding to an outcry of dissatisfaction from local citizens and some negative press, is preparing to join other South Central PA counties in the growing rebellion against Governor Wolf’s tyrannical COVID19 lockdown. This is significant in that Franklin County is considered a “Keystone County” in Pennsylvania, the “Keystone State” because of it’s location in the center of the state’s southern boundary along the Mason Dixon Line and it’s strategic location along a main commercial thoroughfare running through the Quad-State area, US Interstate 81.

It is said that the effort to move Franklin County from Red to Yellow is being led by two office holders, one at the state level and one at the county level. County Sheriff Dane Anthony has already issued a release that stated he and his department will not enforce any “unconstitutional actions”, which is interpreted as meaning any action not enacted by the legislature in accordance with Pennsylvania law.

This official action will give a boost to efforts we detailed earlier by local businesses to open without state permission.

It’s ironic that Franklin County is now going to be engaged in a rebellion against dictatorial rule, since 255 years ago, the first act of armed rebellion against British rule took place here, when James Smith led a band of colonists to end illegal British trade in weapons and alcohol with hostile Indian tribes which had resulted in the murder of local settlers. This series of incidents, known as the “Black Boys Rebellion” included armed clashes with the British garrison stationed at Fort Loudon which resulted in its removal. It is said that this event and subsequent actions helped to lay the foundation for the Second Amendment to the US Constitution.

The “Black Boys Rebellion” became the subject of a book called “The First Rebel”, and the 1939 Movie “Allegheny Uprising” starring John Wayne and Claire Trevor.

This modern day rebellion against tyranny will serve to put an end to the Wolf Administration’s war on Pennsylvania working people.

One thought on “BREAKING: Franklin County May be Ready to Join the Anti-Wolf Rebellion

  1. There is always a limit to submitting to civil authorities . Yes, thank God for law and order! To expect folks to be locked down in a free America indefinitely after willingly submitting to helping to “flatten the curve”, is crossing the line! I highly suspect globalists at work! I stand with the chairman, the sheriff and his team, the citizens of our nation.

    May the Lord God give you all grace and wisdom.

    Atlanta Metro, USA


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