It’s On! Governor Wolf Declares War on Pennsylvania Citizens

May 11, 2020

By Dwight D. Weidman

The revolt by a dozen or more Pennsylvania counties who are opening up their businesses against the dictatorial edicts of Democrat Governor Tom Wolf has apparently thrown him into a blind rage, which was further exacerbated by a Tweet from President Trump in support of Pennsylvania patriots and a news conference by State Senator and gubernatorial aspirant Doug Mastriano, in which he called for the resignation of the incompetent Health Secretary Rachel Levine.

Wolf attacked business owners who reopen from coronavirus shutdowns before they are allowed and the politicians who have encouraged them, calling them “cowardly”, threatening serious consequences to both groups.

Wolf said he would revoke state licenses for businesses that open early and stop some state funding to county governments, saying businesses that open before the state allows could lose licenses that are required to operate, including liquor licenses, health certificates and certificates of occupancy.

“These folks are choosing to desert in the face of the enemy, in the middle of a war that Pennsylvanians are winning and must win,” said Wolf, seemingly angry at times, at a press briefing.

Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner Jessica Altman stated that companies that ignore Wolf’s edicts could be jeopardizing their insurance coverage and putting themselves at risk of having their claims denied, adding that many policies have provisions that exclude coverage stemming from “illegal acts or conduct,” and could result in denied claims for property damage, protection from liability and other hazards should a business decide to reopen in violation of Wolf’s order.

So there you have it, folks. If any public official can rule us by decree and without our consent, we just as well should be in 1933 Nazi Germany. In a free society, the burden of convincing people to suspend their rights is on government, and government has failed to do that. We are probably closer to a violent confrontation with tyranny than we have been since 1775.

In an earlier article, I predicted that this would be an interesting week, and it’s certainly looking that way.

27 thoughts on “It’s On! Governor Wolf Declares War on Pennsylvania Citizens

  1. People underestimate the citizens of Pennsylvania. Wolf better remember history. He’s an idiot if he doesn’t realize he is dealing with seasoned freedom fighters…a distinction that goes back to the Revolutionary War. The Commonwealth does not belong to you Wolf. It belongs to the people.

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  2. Apparently Democrat Governor Tom Wolf wants to be the second incarnation of England’s Mad King George III during the American Revolution. Governor Wolf is willing to sacrifice the good people of Pennsylvania in his ambition to ruin the economy in order to improve the prospects of the Democrat Party in the November 2020 election.

    Hint to Pennsylvanians, Governor Wolf doesn’t give a s*** about you.

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  3. Please refer to the tranny Pa Secretary of Health as” the former Dr. Richard Levine.” I think it sounds much better, is more accurate, and is less confusing to normal people.

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  4. I think it’s important to remember that it wasn’t King George III who inflicted the depradations on the Colonists: it was his out of control Parliament. George was more interested in his pigs and fields, whereas his government, neither needing nor wanting any input from him, issued the various acts which led to the American Revolution. OTOH, he didn’t argue with them about it, either.


    1. That’s true, to a large extent. The French and Indian War left Britain with a debt of 122 million pounds and the average Briton paid 26 Shillings a year Imperial tax versus 1 Shilling a year paid by a Massachusetts resident. Lord Grenville and Paliament looked to the colonies with different taxes, such as the Stamp Act, which the colonists resented, because they were not represented in Paliament. Most of the taxes were repealed, except for the tax on Tea, and we all know where that led. George III was actively involved in governing, and wasn’t the lovable bumpkin as portrayed in “The Madness of King George”. George III was a brilliant man who was keenly interested in Science as well as agriculture, and kept meticulous diaries during mst of his reign which included meteorlogical data which scientists have made good use of. He did have two bouts of mental illness. He came back from one, but the second occurred shortly before his death. The old theory was that he had Porphyria, but by examining his writings, some researchers have found his sentences were much longer when he was ill than when he wasn’t. There were sentences he wrote that were 400 words long, containing eight verbs! That’s usually a sign of the manic phase of a disease like bipolar disorder. Even the blue urine he had was now thought to be caused by medicine based on gentian. This plant, with its deep blue flowers, is still used today as a mild tonic, but may turn the urine blue. Interesting stuff.


    1. Very true, and too many conservative voters stayed home in 2014 and 2018. When I was county chair, I can remember Republicans telling me that they weren’t going to vote for Tom Corbett because he fired Joe Paterno! It’s called “cutting off your nose to spite your face”.

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      1. I had just such a discussion with a friend on Sunday. He was very glad that Hillary did not win the presidential election of 2016. However, he refused to vote for Trump in 2016, and he will refuse to vote again in 2020. He has theories regarding possible personality disorders and childhood traumas of Donald Trump, and suspects him of racism.

        My friend knows that my wife and I are Orthodox Jewish; my wife immigrated from China. President Trump is proud of having created the lowest unemployment rates ever recorded for blacks and Hispanics; he is very proud of the minorities in his cabinet; he broke the bans on minority membership in clubs in West Palm Beach, Florida. But my hyper-intellectual friend has his theories. Sigh…

        I’m sorry that Corbett lost. He was a good man. Pennsylvania Democrats are leftists. Republicans need to do one simple thing: get off their rear ends and vote. It’s a lot easier than what the patriots put up with at Valley Forge.

        Good luck!

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