Three Franklin County Turncoats Join Wolf’s War on Pennsylvania

May 13, 2020

by Dwight D. Weidman

Walt Bietsch, the Mayor of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, and Franklin County Commissioners Dave Keller and Bob Ziobrowski have turned on their fellow Franklin Countians and joined the PA Governor who attacked his own citizens, calling them “cowards” and “deserters” for wanting to reopen their businesses.

All three of these turncoats are now supporting Tom Wolf’s punishment of Franklin County and have agreed that both the Boro of Chambersburg and Franklin County must remain under lockdown until June 4th.

It isn’t surprising that Commissioner Bob Ziobrowski, a Democrat has joined Wolf, but as late as this weekend, it was rumored that Commissioner Keller, a Republican, wanted to sign the “open on May 15th letter” sent to the governor by Franklin County’s legislative delegation and Commissioner John Flannery. The question is, who got to Keller?

Chambersburg Mayor, Walter Bietsch is even a bigger surprise, after making a splash by announcing he wouldn’t enforce the governor’s “red” lockdown edict in March. It was reported today that Bietsch tucked his tail between his legs and did a quick retreat by issuing this weak statement: “While the appropriateness of the ‘red’ phase designation is subject to debate, local elected officials do not have the authority to independently permit non-waivered businesses to open during this ‘red’ phase,” Bietsch said. “Non-waivered business owners/operators, who choose to open, do so at their own peril, considering the possible negative impacts that they may experience from the Wolf Administration, for violating the business closure order.”

Benedict Arnold would be so proud of you, Mayor Bietsch!

In the case of the two turncoat commissioners, they released an open letter to the residents of Franklin County announcing their treachery. Apparently not content with sticking residents with $100 million of debt for a questionably-managed courthouse project, they now want to crush small businesses across the county. Below is an image of the letter from the Newstalk 103.7 website.

It’s time for the people of Franklin County to let these people know how you feel. For Chambersburg residents, you don’t have to wait too long to get rid of Mayor Bietsch, since the election for Mayor is in 2021. To get rid of Dave Keller and Bob Ziobrowski, you have to wait until 2023. Maybe in addition to going to Harrisburg to demonstrate, you should schedule a big rally closer to home!

12 thoughts on “Three Franklin County Turncoats Join Wolf’s War on Pennsylvania

  1. Then you pay our bills! My Unemployment was denied and no pua payment! You coward & backed down to Wolfe then tell our landlords no more rent payments for individuals or businesses! I will not be voting any of you in this year, as far as I’m concerned, you all need to be removed immediately!


  2. Federal money whores.You ought to see the human trafficking Racket they are running with Domestic Relations ,and the treasonous judges violating their oath’s and the State Constitution.They are beating the hell outta parents ,children, and families so they can collect the title 4,and incentives while extorting every marital asset they can into support obligations so they can collect the grants,and incentives even on equitable distribution.White collar criminals running a RICO racket.


  3. You know, I recall from history class that they used to hang treasonous snakes that went against the will of the people.


  4. i thought the federal government money was for all pennsylvanians and not given to wolfe to use as blackmail against anyone who doesnt bow to his wishes


  5. We need to find a federal judge that will issue arrest warrants for these clowns and let the people serve them. They all need a short rope and a quick stop to get rid of their treason.


  6. We can talk all we want on posts and be Facebook warriors , everyone talks a big game posting which has no results Franklin county is named after one of the founding fathers of this country those guys had balls they knew the outcome of their actions if they didn’t succeed . I love the comments and I’m proud to know there is still good people with good beliefs . It is time to assemble in a large mass over run them , stop paying the county and state taxes government has become a business and they cater to a few well known names in chambersburg .


  7. Hummmmm seems all of you have nice clean haircuts….. where did you get them ??? I’d love to see an answer to that or a recent picture looking scruffy like the rest.. practice what you preach… are you guys getting paid ??? .. I don’t live in PA but my family does … this is from a NYer…


  8. How much of their salary are they losing? People need to work to survive especially those with children. If people can fill the bigger stores they are just as safe if not safer in small businesses.


  9. Wow!! You three will be voted out!! You all are disgrace to the American People Of Pennsylvania!! Trying to be a dictator like the Wolf In Sheep Clothing!! If there’s any Cowards In Pa. it’s the four of you!!


  10. COWARDS!! COWARDS!! That is what Keller and Ziobrowski are for taking the side of our NARCISSISTIC, TYRANT Wolf who is trying to destroy Pa. For POLICTICAL reasons and you just helped him destroy Franklin Co.!!!
    We have three more weeks of this crap with no pay, but you are still getting your money!! You know the NARCISSISTIC TYRANT is going to punish Franklin Co. more!! COWARDS!!
    RESIGN now because we don’t want you as the voice of Franklin Co. If not you will be gone at re-election because we WON’T forget what you did to us!!!! COWARDS!!!!!!!


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