Governor Wolf Keeps Franklin County Locked Down as Punishment Despite Treachery of Local Officials

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May 15, 2020

By Dwight D. Weidman 

Well, it appears that the cowering of Franklin County Commissioners Dave Keller and Bob Ziobrowski and Chambersburg Mayor Walt Bietsch did no good, as Governor Tom Wolf today moved twelve more counties into the “Yellow” phase of opening, except for Franklin County. As you can see from the map below, counties all around Franklin have been allowed to open, despite our low case and death numbers, which themselves are probably based on outdated information.

may 15 reopeningIt’s clear that Wolf is out to teach us a lesson for resisting his illegal decrees, and that the cowardice of a few local turncoats only wetted his appetite for more power.  Now is the time for all of the legislators who signed the letter to Wolf last weekend to actually show us something more than words and organize some action on the ground as well as legislative measures to resist this tyrant.  As a starter, those officials who called on Wolf to reopen PA should openly denounce the three turncoats who joined Wolf and pledge to work for their removal. Failure to do that will reveal that they are all just two sides of the same coin.


12 thoughts on “Governor Wolf Keeps Franklin County Locked Down as Punishment Despite Treachery of Local Officials

  1. It is quite clear that the Governor and Dr. Levine are not going to budge from the original plan regardless of the mantra we will work with any County. Yet, they make only weekly announcements so we can stew over the weekend. We the people need to take back what is ours to begin with. We have consented and achieved flattening the curve only to be treated like children daily and slapped by Dad on Friday afternoon. No redress for the taxpayers what so ever. But, I guess we should be grateful in our time of need and crisis the Governor and Levine gave us 30 minutes of their to further keep us down. Only state that does not have Real Estate open and fraudulent numbers, dashboards and cowardly hiding. At least have the guts to have an open forum and allow our Media access. Any Federal money that comes to PA for tax revenue should go to the Business owners first then we can forward the rest to the Governor to squander. Think of it, we get shut down and lose our business’ then we get taxed (via Federal Deficit) to make them whole and once again no funding to the taxpayer. This must end. We need to take our freedoms and liberty back as he is not interested in giving what is ours to begin with. We need move forward on our own. They will know nothing more about supposedly protecting us and keep the fear mongering as we destroy our economic and health future and get to pay for it all once again. We have the numbers on our side and need to use them. Be safe all !


    1. Well, our brave legislators did send a sternly-worded letter to Wolf. That certainly helped, right? Now, what is the end game? Is that all they’re got? One legislator, Daryl Metcalfe of Butler County has introduced a bill of impeachment….have our guys jumped on board?


      1. I usually trash or hit the spam button with comments from the sheep, but it’s obvious you have a little trouble with reading comprehension. Wellspan’s figures are system-wide and aren’t comparative with county by county figures. Here is the official info which shows other counties with higher death numbers that have been transitioned to Yellow: also keep in mind that a corporation such as Wellspan is collecting a MUCH higher reimbursement from Federal programs (almost three times more) if they list Covid19 as the disease cause of death, which even liberal USATODAY couldn’t debunk I will guarantee that you will see a bunch of these folks under investigation for fraud once the hype settles down. The fact is that whatever numbers you use, the number of new cases are dropping everywhere, and were never that high compared to other virus epidemics. Using cumulative case and death numbers exaggerate the actual severity of the outbreak.


      2. There is an issue with this, I live in Franklin county and have an elderly friend who broke a leg, went to c-burg hospital and was given oxygen, then classified as a COVID patient in spite of testing negative because of the oxygen. The numbers are a lie


    1. Wolf is a dictator wannabee and like the rest on the Left get off on their power plays.

      Time for the good people of PA to extend their right arm rigidly with middle finger extended and let this punk know who is in charge in a Republic.

      Hint, it is NOT the elected officials.


  2. We need to reopen now. not when ever. we all need to move on and start living our life. After all we do have free will and we are a free nation.


  3. If something happens to my mother and my daughter I swear to God I will sue the shit out of him that is bullshit all the other counties or opening up but don’t you wanna open up Franklin County


  4. This has been nothing but a bunch of lovers wanting to control all of us only democratic ran states isnt that amazing dont cave into their lies and deceit I say fuck them all move on with our lives stand up america


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