Latest Data Proves that Panic was Unwarranted

We’ve Been Played by The Wuhan Virus Hype

Turzai Letter Reveals Virus Confined to High Risk Groups

Monday May 18th, 2020 by Dwight D. Weidman

The latest data obtained from a letter sent out by House Speaker Mike Turzai on Sunday shows that the Coronavirus case and death rate have been blown way out of context as related to the public at large. Even the death numbers may be exaggerated as revealed by numbers published from other states such as Colorado which show the CDC counting cases of death not caused by Covid19 as Coronavirus deaths. Over two months ago, on March 5th, 2020, the topic of my bi-weekly column in the Chambersburg Public Opinion, I wrote that COVID19, or the Wuhan Coronavirus was being overhyped and would be used by the Democrats, media and politicians of every stripe to their advantage. The column, entitled: “Don’t believe all the Hype over the Coronavirus” was written before all of the government overreach and before our local politicians first joined in the panic, and then tied to reverse themselves to appear like they were trying to protect us from our Governor’s dictatorial lockdown decrees. Well, it’s always nice to be able to say “I told yo so”.

All of the bragging aside, some very revealing numbers have been released by the Speaker of the PA House, Mike Turzai in a letter with today’s date. The letter, shown below, is addressed to House members and contains the latest analysis of the Covid19 death rates in Pennsylvania, and they reveal that the worst effects of the disease are concentrated mainly among very high risk groups, and not the general population.

As you can see from the letter, almost 70% of deaths occurred in nursing home and care home settings, and 90% of the deaths were among people who had one or more complicating factors such as heart disease or other severe conditions. The letter goes on to state that as of May 15th, 2020, only 5% of available hospital beds were occupied by COVID19 patients and just over 1% were on ventilators.

To think that we have destroyed millions of jobs and lives in our country over this hype is sickening, even more sickening than the virus itself. There needs to be a reckoning!

2 thoughts on “Latest Data Proves that Panic was Unwarranted

  1. I’ve been watching the ACTUAL numbers the whole time….and the REAL numbers (not based on the fraudulent “imperial” model that the politicians, and “health officials” have cited.

    This entire theatrical productions is based on a 99.95%+ survivable virus.

    All of the lost jobs….all of the lost schools, the lost graduation of this years class of students, the mad runs on toilet paper, the stupidity of wearing a mask that would not stop a virus of the size the Covid19 is, the stupid rise of the K.A.R.E.N.S of the world, the jack-booted reactions of Killer Wolf and his pediatric psychiatrist, the pushing of mail-in (meaning FRAUDULENT) voting.

    The destruction of the U.S. economy has been a complete fraud.

    It has all been theatre…and not just in the US….it has been a world wide theatre of the absurd, and most of the population of the world….has fallen for it.

    …it’s pitchfork and torch time.


  2. Thanks for publishing the truth. Did you see the article in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette by Cyril Wecht “It Is Time For The Covid-19 Hysteria To Stop”? and then today there was a follow up article about him and his views on the subject. Until esteemed Democrats like Cyril start sounding the alarm we are stuck. At some point they have to wake up and realize that they are insuring Trumps reelection with their falsehoods and controlling behavior. Right?? I asked my husband yesterday if Trump gets reelected, will what we are going through right now personally and as a country be worth it? He thought for a moment and said “yes”. That is a powerful yes because this has been pretty hard on my husband and I. We have a small real estate company and we are the “go go go” type. We work all day and then come home and go out again! We love having parties at our house. We go ballroom dancing. Life was amazing! The absolute best part of our lives was helping people with their housing. We helped everyone…poor or rich. Small or big. We counselled young couples that weren’t ready to buy yet and then had the joy of helping them purchase a house when it was their time. Now we worry about how many of them are struggling. Is this going to be a repeat of the 2008-2010 years when we saw so many foreclosures and so much pain? Financially although it has affected us, it is nothing compared to the emotional loss, frustration and anger we are feeling. Personally I am mixed on Trump (although my husband loves him). But without a doubt he is the first President since Reagan that really gave a damn about the US economy. It is amazing how much better things were getting. Alot of jobs were coming back! A few years ago if you tried to purchase upholstered furniture made in the USA it was impossible. Now there are many choices. I am sitting on one, a beautiful loveseat purchased 6 months ago. If you search on Zappos now for “Made in the USA” thousands of items come up. A few years ago…nada. If our countrymen have any brains at all Trump won’t be the last businessman that we hire as CEO. I think Elon Musk may be in our future! Ha ha. I am sorry for rambling on, I have nothing but time on my hands! I really appreciate your efforts and look forward to reading more of your articles. Sincerely,

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    On Sun, May 17, 2020, 4:13 PM The Franklin County Journal wrote:

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