Local Long Term Care Facilities on PA List for COVID19 Cases and Deaths

May 19, 2020 by Dwight D. Weidman

With a growing number of nursing home Covid19 cases and deaths, along with increasing pressure from the public, Pennsylvania released a list of long-term care facilities where the Coronavirus has infected or killed residents.

Included on that list is four facilities in Franklin County, with two showing substantial number of cases among both residences and employees, along with a number of deaths.

The numbers for each Franklin County Long Term Care facility are as follows (an asterisk* means that less than 5 cases or deaths have been reported for that facility, so the state has redacted the number for privacy purposes):

Facility – Resident Cases – Employee Cases – Deaths

Manorcare Chambersburg – 57 – 10 – *

Providence Place Chambersburg – * – 0 – 0

Shook Home – 42 – * – 6

Spiritrust Lutheran Luther Ridge – * – 0 – 0

One nearby Cumberland County facility located in Shippensburg, Shippensburg Health Care Center, had 88 resident cases, 18 employee cases and 23 deaths.

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