Wolf Waffles and Turns Franklin Yellow

Dwight D. Weidman 22 May 2020

It appears Governor Wolf is feeling some pressure, even from those in his own party. It has been reported that many Philly-area Dems are fed up with Wolf’s over-the-top lockdowns, especially in light of evidence that the lockdowns do more harm than good, a fact that even Dr. Anthony Fauci acknowledged today. Wolf’s Health Department was also caught in and admission that they were mixing data on top types of COVID19 tests, which would inflate the virus case filters.

It was announced today that Franklin County, along with others, will be moved from “Red” to “Yellow” a week from today, a move that will lighten some lockdown restrictions.

As regions or counties move into this phase, some restrictions on work and social interaction will ease. The purpose of this phase is to begin reopening the economy while keeping the spread of disease contained as much as possible. Restrictions will be adjusted as necessary based on public health indicators.

  • Businesses with in-person operations must follow safety orders, as well as CDC/Department of Health guidelines for social distancing and cleaning
  • Working remotely must continue where feasible
  • Child care facilities can open but must follow safety orders, as well as CDC/Department of Health guidelines for social distancing and cleaning
  • Large gatherings of more than 25 people prohibited
  • Restaurants and bars remain limited to takeout and delivery only
  • Indoor recreation, gyms, spas and entertainment facilities (including casinos and theaters) remain closed.
  • In-person retail allowed, but curbside and delivery service is preferable
  • Stay-at-home orders lifted

Despite Wolf’s easing us into the Yellow phase. Many of us think that it’s time to allow people to get on with their lives. We’ve “flattened the curve”, so we should be totally out of lockdown.

There will be a peaceful demonstration Saturday 23 May at 10 AM in the Chambersburg Center Square with speakers as listed on the lead image. Feel free to attend if you want to reopen Franklin County.

3 thoughts on “Wolf Waffles and Turns Franklin Yellow

    1. Agree. At some point you need to trust in the common sense of citizens….that’s what our Republic is built on. It is a fact that those who agree with the heavy-handed approach applied by the likes of Governors Wolf, Cuomo, Murphy and Whitmer are the people who can’t seem to think on their own, and there are too many of those people out there.


  1. I find it awful coincidental (NOT) that the Governator releases this (on Friday of course) right after Dr Fauci sends out his “I need to cover-my-butt-so-i-dont-get-lynched-or-arkancided” yesterday morning with his “too long….irreparable damage” statement.


    There is no coordination of messaging there….not at all….nothing to see here citizen….move along.

    Folks….wake up and see what is going on…..this has been a “let’s see how far we can push these sheeple”….nothing more.


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