PA House and Senate Pass Concurrent Resolution 836 To ReOpen the State

10:00 PM June 9, 2020                                              By Dwight D. Weidman

According to Franklin County Representative Paul Schemel, the House passed a resolution tonight to end the governor’s COVID-19 emergency declaration. This was done on a 121-81, bipartisan vote. The Senate has already passed the same resolution.

Under the Pennsylvania Constitution, the General Assembly has the authority to terminate a state of disaster emergency at any time by concurrent resolution. Upon adoption of the resolution, the governor must issue an executive order or proclamation ending the state of disaster emergency. Today’s House vote completes the concurrent resolution process.

Now, let’s see what lawless Governor Tom Wolf will do. Keep in mind that there is already a resolution of impeachment seeking sponsors in the House.

Your move, Governor!


6 thoughts on “PA House and Senate Pass Concurrent Resolution 836 To ReOpen the State

  1. I, along with millions of Pennsylvanians, want this government overreach to end. I hope our Governor sees the wisdom of the people to end this lockdown immediately. I for one do not want a new normal. I want to see all things returned to the old normal. That is, before COVID 19. As for impeachment of Governor Wolf, my concern is I know less about our Lieutenant Governor. I suspect he would follow in Wolf’s footsteps and be as bad or possibly worse.


  2. So…we have a BIPARTISAN (meaning…the Dems see a impending doom in the future because of Wolf’s folly) vote to end this utter madness.

    Will Killer Wolf see the political rope dangling above him? I hope so…a veto would be a political disaster for the left side of the aisle.

    I for one am sick of the “Deadly Virus” the Narrative Networks are continuing to beat on….and on…and on…and on about.

    Isn’t it so interesting that Killer Wolf says you cannot go out to dinner, or meet with friends, or go to church, or vote in person because “you will kill all of us if you do!” and therefore “you must do vat I zay or i vil put you in jail”

    …but Killer Wolf can march with thousands to protest the death of a man with 4X the amount of Fentanyl in his system that would normally kill a man?…….so…it’s OK for you to participate in “gatherings of more than 2 people” but the rest of us serfs cannot? Is that how it works?

    …and WHY exactly do we have to “respect mah aw-thoritah!” over the closure of Franklin county again? We have 39 deaths in a population of 157,000 (That’s 0.0237 percent of the population…or 2/100th’s of 1 percent….or for those of you that are math challenged (Dems), 2 pennies of 100 dollars).

    What is even worse is that there are 36 deaths in Franklin county’s Nursing Homes (you know…the ones that Killer Wolf MANDATED that must take patients that are positive for the virus.)

    So 39-36 = 3.

    So…3 deaths outside of Nursing Homes…in a population of 157,000.

    Why EXACTLY are we still in this Kabuki theather again?….oh…yeah….Orange Man Bad.


  3. Good news everyone….the PA Department of Health has found the ability to UN-DIE our Nursing Home residents….in just 8 days the data shows an amazing feat. The PA LTCF Data 6-2-20 sheet shows 4332 deaths in the state, and 36 in Franklin County, but the PA LTCF Data 6-10-20 sheet shows 3667 deaths in the state, and 25 in Franklin County.

    Halelujah, Halelujah….the dead can live again.


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