Disgusting: Franklin County DA Matt Fogal Bows to Black Lives Matter and Backs Joe Biden

Thursday June 11, 2020                                                                 by Dwight D. Weidman

In a thoroughly disgusting letter dated 7 June, 2020 and addressed to “Franklin County Citizens”, Franklin County District Attorney Matthew Fogal expressed solidarity with leftist hate group Black Lives Matter, the same group that has been rioting, burning and murdering citizens and police officers nationwide.  Fogal also took the opportunity to join Deep State operative James Mattis in attacking President Trump and in all but name encouraging Republicans to vote for sleazy Democrat Joe Biden in November.

Fogal has been District Attorney since 2009, taking office after the untimely death of then DA Jack Nelson.  At the time of Nelson’s death, Fogal was a registered Independent, but quickly changed his registration to Republican so that he could run for the office of DA.  Fogal also almost immediately joined the vile group of renegade “Republicans” known as “The Franklin County Reagan Coalition”, which was founded in 2008 to compete with the local Republican Party. In June 2014, the Reagan Coalition took over the local party and in the ensuing years have succeeded in dismantling all of the progress made by Republicans in the preceding 20 years by bleeding the treasury and shutting down virtually all voter outreach operations.

In return for Fogal’s fealty and monetary contributions, the RINOs of the Reagan Coalition work to ensure that Fogal will always run unopposed, a tactic that they employ with all politicians under their control.

When I discovered the Fogal letter (below), I admit that I found it hard to believe that he would pen such a treacherous piece, so I confirmed it by emailing Matt. He responded that he did write it, almost sounding proud of it.  Fogal is the third local Republican to go off the rails lately, with County Commissioner Dave Keller and Chambersburg Mayor Walt Bietsch joining the Democrats and their Governor Tom Wolf to keep Franklin County locked down despite the decline in Coronavirus cases.  The fact that local Republican officeholders seem emboldened to come out as “Democrats in all but name” is due to a local Republican Party that is all but dead, and under the control of the liberals in the comically-misnamed Reagan Coalition. In fact, the local titular and unelected party chairman has all but quit on the job, having not been seen nor heard from for months.

Suffice it to say that the citizens of one of the most conservative counties in Pennsylvania deserve better. The top county law enforcement officer in the county should be working to protect the citizenry, and not bowing to threats from an anti-American hate group.

In other words, Matt Fogal is incapable of doing his job, and should resign immediately. Failing that, Republicans should find a law and order candidate to unseat him in 2023.

fogal letter

8 thoughts on “Disgusting: Franklin County DA Matt Fogal Bows to Black Lives Matter and Backs Joe Biden

    1. Yes, we do. I am disappointed in Matt. I’ve known him for 10 years, and during the time I was party chairman, he was very supportive of our efforts to build a conservative base. In the six years since I stepped down, he, like other Franklin County politicians, has become beholden to the establishment RINOs who now run things. It’s a shame.


  1. Will have to agree with A. Shields. It’s time for a new DA in franklin county and using the county website: very unprofessional. I would have expected more of this guy. You never know. I am glad that all the feed back from his letter I’m hearing is also very negative towards his letter.


  2. This is a disgusting for him to do especially during what is probably the most important election. In our lifetime. We are truly choosing between Patriotism and preserving our country or Marxism and rule by the extreme leftists. I expected more from the District Attorney then just bowing to the protestors and surrendering all that we hold dear. He needs to be removed from his office as he clearly does not have the political hutzpah to properly charge and convict anyone within the BLM which he seems to revere.


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