Congressman John Joyce, Trump Campaign and Others Sue Pennsylvania Over Mail-in Voting. Franklin County among Defendents

Tuesday 30 June 2020

The Trump re-election campaign, Republican National Committee, and other parties, including 13th District Congressman John Joyce have filed a lawsuit against the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and all 67 county election boards, including Franklin County, over mail-in voting. The lawsuit alleges that Secretary of the Commonwealth, Kathy Boockvar, along with at least 20 counties have violated the state’s own law by  failing to properly administer Act 77, which expanded mail-in voting. The lawsuit claims that rules were changed before the June 2nd Primary primarily for Democrat-controlled counties and that un-monitored mail-in ballots were allowed to be delivered to other locations other than directly to county election boards, as specified by law.

Apparently, in some counties, ballots were allowed to be delivered to shopping centers, parking lots, fairgrounds, parks, retirement homes, college campuses, fire halls, municipal government buildings, and elected officials’ offices.

In addition, the lawsuit addresses irregularities in vote counting procedures in Philadelphia as well as the preclusion of poll-watchers from many vote-counting locations.

It is pretty apparent that the Wolf Administration used the June Primary as a dry run in a plan to steal the election for Joe Biden in Pennsylvania, a critical swing state.

The lawsuit can be viewed in PDF format HERE.


3 thoughts on “Congressman John Joyce, Trump Campaign and Others Sue Pennsylvania Over Mail-in Voting. Franklin County among Defendents

  1. Dwight,

    Tell me I’m not the only one seeing this whole kabuki theather we currently call “Covid-19” as nothing more than a way to “force” this vote-by-mail process into play.

    The MATH doesn’t support ANYTHING the media tries to shove down the American voters (and those are the ones who are the REAL target of this) throat.

    This whole thing started as a “OMG 2.5 Million Americans are going to die”…until it was “quietly” reported that that “Computer Model” was…um….well…WRONG.

    Then it became “we have to flatten the curve” so for TWO WEEKS we need to do this.

    Then it became, “we have to shut everything down so the only way you people can communicate is thru electronic media”….which by the way…will filter and “disappear” anything that doesn’t match the “approved thought” (bookface, NitTwitts, BlueTube, etc).

    And then…on cue…Fauci shifts the goalposts again and again.

    Then the Governator does his “extra week of mail in voting” trick…which I believe was nothing more than a quick finger in the air to see if it would stick….and it did.

    Now…right after Fauci does his “100,000 cases a day” blab to CONgress, Dr Levine (well bless her/his/it’s heart) drops the reinstatment of the masks.

    Everyone knows that the data that is out there (not the ONE datapoint the media uses “CASES” and always in BIG RED LETTERS.) that shows that Deaths have flattened, Recovery rates are thru the roof, Negative testing numbers are thru the roof.

    People out there know this?…Right?

    back to my point.

    Am I the only one who can see (predict is a better word) that Wolf is going to do the “It is apparent that YOU PEOPLE OUT THERE can’t follow my dicate and therefore I must MANDATE that Vote-by-mail be the ONLY way that the vote will happen in PA?

    Am I the only one?


    1. There is no doubt that Wolf and other Dem Governors have used this scare to get things they ordinarily wouldn’t get. Wolf can’t legally mandate by-mail voting, but he has gotten away so far with breaking other aspects of the voting laws. His big advantage is a Democrat-controlled PA Supreme Court, thanks mostly to all of the Republican voters who don’t turn out to vote in judicial elections. I think we will see Wolf and other Dems do everything possible to steal the election from Trump in November.


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