Establishment Franklin County Pennsylvania Republican DA Endorses Joe Biden and BLM

15 September, 2020 by Dwight D. Weidman

Franklin County Republicans have been given a taste of what it is like when a county office holder is allowed to run without opposition in election after election. Establishment Republican District Attorney Matt Fogal has turned on his constituents to support the violent, racist and Marxist group “Black Lives Matter” and has also endorsed corrupt Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Fogal originally publicly announced his support for Black Lives Matter back in early June of 2020 in a letter addressed to Franklin County citizens in which he also trashed our President, Donald J. Trump. There was no reaction from the local Republican Party at the time, because it was under the control of Fogal’s establishment cronies known as “The Reagan Coalition”, but that quickly changed when party conservatives ousted that liberal faction in the party’s mid-term reorganization meeting on June 27th. Shortly thereafter, Fogal was issued an official censure by the party, after two meetings of the party executive committee meeting were held, one of which was attended by Fogal to answer the committee’s concerns about his actions. After the meeting with Fogal, it was obvious to all but a couple of his his fellow Reagan Coalition pals that he no longer represented the views of rank and file Republicans.

During Fogal’s meeting with the Republican Executive Committee, and reportedly during at least one meeting he had with a group of law enforcement officers, he came over as arrogant and condescending, but also as totally uninformed as to the true nature of the Black Lives Matter movement. He admitted that he didn’t watch “news shows” and he repeatedly expressed himself by referring to cartoon plots. Most of the committee members and law enforcement officers who met with Fogal came away with the impression that he either was a fool or perhaps thought that they were fools. Either possibility makes a strong case that he should resign. Blindly ignoring the riots, murders, assaults and the theft perpetrated by Black Lives Matter on a daily basis should be an automatic disqualifying factor for anyone who aspires to a top law enforcement job.

It has been reported that Fogal has now switched his party registration to Democrat, but that has not been verified. Regardless, it would be a mere formality considering his radical views. Be assured that his photo is no longer hanging on the wall of the local Republican Headquarters as loyal committee members and countless volunteers are working hard to re-elect the President. Assuming Fogal doesn’t resign, he will be up for re-election in 2023, this time with opposition. The only question remaining is whether he will still get the support of his fellow RINO Reagan Coalition members, who include several unprincipled local politicians who have been bought by donations from the group. More on those clowns later.

3 thoughts on “Establishment Franklin County Pennsylvania Republican DA Endorses Joe Biden and BLM

  1. I think it important that you explain that these RINO’s are trying to hide behind Reagan and have no connection with or authorization from the Reagan Library or the Reagan Family. These people are to the left of the old moderate/establishment wing (Rockefeller, Romney’s dad, and Javits) whom Reagan ran against in 1980. The flight of the RINO’s is mainly personal pique with a smattering of disingenuous carping.


    1. Thank you, Andrew. I’ve actually touched on that is a couple of my articles here and in one or two of my Public Opinion Columns (my next one comes out online tomorrow and in Sunday’s print edition). I am working on a comprehensive history of the Franklin County Reagan Coalition (also known as the Renegade Coalition) as part of a more general recent history of the party, Everything about the Reagan Coalition is about deception, going back to their founding in 2008. I’m trying to educate our local Fm radio outlet about them, and perhaps it is starting to sink in. Unfortunately, the RC has gotten a couple of naive and otherwise conservative pols to join them bu giving them money. More to come.


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