Thoroughly Dishonest Covid19 Article Revealed to be Classic Fake News

Dwight D. Weidman 17 September 2020

It seems that you don’t have to go very far today to find fake news. I just read an article entitled Pennsylvania physician about coronavirus partisan politics: ‘We are outraged’ in our local newspaper, Chambersburg, PA, Public Opinion. Now to be fair, the article was not produced by Public Opinion, but instead was written by Kim Strong of the York Daily Record, and it is a prime example of a partisan opinion hiding under the cloak of “news reporting”.

The article starts out with an attack on the Republican “partisan politics” involved in the celebration of the Federal Court ruling which overturned Democrat Governor Tom Wolf’s draconian COVID19 lockdown measures, and attacks President Trump and PA Republican lawmakers. The attacks come from “three Pennsylvania physicians”, of which only two are identified, Dr. Max Cooper and Dr. Ashanti Ratnasekera, both of Chester County, and states, “The physicians come from the Committee to Protect Medicare, of which Cooper is the leader. It’s an advocacy organization of front-line doctors working for a stronger healthcare system.”. OK, fair enough, but let’s tell the rest of the story!

What Kim Strong doesn’t explain is that “The Committee to Protect Medicare” is nothing more than a political advocacy group that was recently formed to attack President Trump, and it’s staff is made up of Democrat operatives who formerly worked for left wingers such as Elizabeth Warren and Chuck Shumer.

The organization itself provides cover for a Political Action Committee (PAC) of the same name which is identified as “a single-candidate super PAC against Donald Trump (R)” by political money transparency site

According to the records on, The Chicago-based Committee to Protect Medicare PAC has raised a total of $670,082 so far this year, and has spent $593,130 against Trump and Republican candidates. The largest donor to the PAC is from the organization itself, for $45,000 and nearly $14,000 from a Los Angeles-based “singer/artist”. However, like most of these left wing PACs, the vast majority of donors are listed as “unemployed” (sounds like BLM).

Finally, the PAC itself lists independent expenditure of $864,008 of which $2795 was spent in opposition to Sen. Mitch McConnell and $861,213 was spent against President Trump.

Once again, Fake news raises its ugly head, and always in favor of the left.

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