PA House Voter Integrity Bill: Is it just more Snake Oil?

By Dwight D. Weidman 23 June 2021

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Republicans in Pennsylvania’s state House passed a bill yesterday supposedly aimed at shoring up election integrity .

House Bill 1300, approved along party lines by a margin of 112-89 on Tuesday, provides for “voting system defects, disclosure, investigations and penalties” and establishes the “Bureau of Election Audits,” among other things. However, upon initial review of the large bill, it does not contain anything that would prevent the type of hanky panky that Pennsylvanians experienced in November, 2020.

Actually, HB 1300 continues to allow no-excuse mail-in voting, adds multi-day in-person voting, provides for voter identification but with the possibility of a non-photo identification document, a Secretary of State issued identification document, and other identification documents that do not establish citizenship. It also allows for supervised voting in places like nursing homes (ballot harvesting). Moreover, Rep. Russ Diamond has stated that no budget analysis of the bill has been completed, so nobody knows how much this will add to the state and local budgets. It also legitimizes the continued existence of drop boxes which were not even provided for in Act 77.

Is this just another attempt by our GOP Representatives to give the appearance that they are really trying to undo the mess they made with their support of the horrible Act 77?

It appears so. We’ll try to keep you posted as things develop.

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