County Government in Deep Red America Giving in to Marxist Indoctrination

by Dwight D. Weidman June 28, 2021

It has become an all too familiar theme in Republican politics in the Post-Trump era: local and state GOP leaders and office holders talk a good America-first conservative game to keep the voters happy on one hand, while kowtowing to extremist minorities in order to avoid being branded as racists or worse. We now have a leaked Franklin County Pennsylvania government email that serves as proof of this duplicity taking place in a deep red county.

The radical left has always been good at exploiting the weakness of political cowards. First, they create a false narrative of an existential crisis, such as the current big lie of “systemic racism” using their alliance with the liars in today’s “mainstream” media, then they press forward with small but highly publicized local demonstrations to give the false appearance of public support for their cause, and finally, they extract concessions from opportunistic and self-serving politicians to change the local political landscape and to achieve political power. Their movement is unwittingly supported by a uninformed and docile population who never realizes what is happening before it is too late.

Franklin County is located in deep red South Central Pennsylvania, with a population of approximately 160,000 people. Franklin County is Trump country, giving the former President over 70% of the vote in the last two Presidential elections. One might ask how a radical group like BLM becomes dominant in a place like Franklin County. The answer is both complex and simple at the same time. Republican voters in deep red counties such as Franklin get complacent and usually don’t even bother to follow local politics. They elect and re-elect the same people, who often run unopposed, term after term. These politicians spend years in the centers of power, whether it be the county courthouse or the state capitol, and become corrupted by the power and money that comes with the territory. After awhile, they cease to serve the interests of the complacent voters and work only for those who write them big checks. Their goal of public service, if that were ever their goal, is quickly replaced by their overwhelming desire to stay in office forever. Let’s face it, most of these cats would never do as well in a private sector where it takes actual results to keep your job, let alone move ahead.

Recently, the self-serving Republican District Attorney of Franklin County, Matt Fogal, who has literally never been opposed in any election, went the predictable route and sold out those who elected him by both publicly embracing BLM’s big lie of “systemic racism” and by condemning then-President Donald Trump. Fogal who had previously and unsuccessfully lobbied for a federal post, no doubt felt that his prospects for such would be better under a Biden administration. Fogal joined forces with local leftist groups and specifically Linda and Marvin Worthy, who have become professional race activists by establishing an organization called Racial Reconciliation, a radical 501(c)(3) “charitable” group that solicits tax-free donations. As with all left wing groups, the name “Racial Reconciliation” belies the group and movement’s real purpose, which seems to be constant race-baiting and the acquisition of political power while promoting the twin Big Lies of “systemic racism” and “white privilege”. Mr. Worthy, who is not coincidentally a Democrat candidate for Mayor of Chambersburg, has along with his wife become the darling of the leftist media, who have written endless inaccurate articles which have falsely painted local white residents as racist ogres.

A Screenshot of the Racial Reconciliation website homepage

You might think that local Republican leaders would be standing up for the citizens of Franklin County, but you would be wrong. Other than conservative Franklin County Republican Party Chairman and Chambersburg Boro Councilman Allen Coffman, no one has stepped up to the plate. Last year, Chairman Coffman, after two local party executive committee meetings issued an official reprimand of DA Fogal, a move that has earned Coffman retribution from his fellow council members.

Recently, ABC News ran a slanted and inaccurate puff piece about the fake narrative of Chambersburg’s “racial struggles” which featured Fogal and his pals the Worthy’s. No opposing voices were included in the piece, which can be watched HERE. Shortly after the ABC New hit piece was aired, we received a leaked email from a Franklin county official, addressed to every county officer involved with the judicial/law enforcement system, encouraging addressees to watch the propaganda piece, the link to which had been sent to the county by Linda Worthy. The author of the email stated, “I hope you have time to review it prior to our CJAB (Criminal Justice Advisory Board) meeting on Thursday.  We are hoping Linda and D.A. Fogal will share more about their experience .”

County E-mail promoting ABC BLM segment

So, there you have it. While conservative voters in places like Franklin County sleep on, their elected officials are secretly holding hands with the very extremists who falsely paint their community as hateful and racist.

Time to wake up folks and replace them all.

2 thoughts on “County Government in Deep Red America Giving in to Marxist Indoctrination

  1. Only read a part, but it was what I was looking for. I’ve pondered upon this. What we see growing in society is complacency. I think that is an evil. The lack of caring, of wanting to do what is right, is constantly under attack by the media, propaganda camps (education), social media, Hollywood, and those following. It’s like seeing the soul of people disappearing or becoming evil, not caring.


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