ABC News and Black Lives Matter Target Conservative Rural Communities

by Dwight D. Weidman 30 June 2021

The far left has pretty much gained control of all major urban areas in the United States with predictable results: high crime, economic stagnation, and filthy crumbling infrastructure. The big problem the left has is that it takes more than control of urban areas to achieve political supremacy, and that is their goal. With that in mind, extremist movements, aided by the leftist media, have set their sights on grabbing power in rural communities.

ABC News recently ran a propaganda piece targeting a deep red central Pennsylvania community of Chambersburg in support of race activists Marvin and Linda Worthy, who have been instrumental in facilitating Black Lives Matter demonstrations locally. The Worthys, who have done very well in operating a youth consulting and training business, have attempted to create the false impression that Chambersburg, a mostly white community in a mostly white Franklin County, is a diseased, racist stronghold. Nothing could be further from the truth, but that is not stopping the Worthys and a small band of left wing extremists from peddling the twin Big Lies of “systemic racism” and “white privilege”. Worthy has also established a tax-exempt organization called Racial Reconciliation whose name belies that its purpose is anything but reconciliation. Marvin Worthy is also a Democrat candidate for Mayor, which is especially significant because the Mayor oversees the local police department.

Also featured in the ABC propaganda piece was local renegade and former Republican District Attorney Matt Fogal, who turned his back on his constituents by embracing Black Lives Matter and condemning President Donald Trump last year, a move that got him censured by the local Republican party.

With Marvin Worthy as Mayor and the and BLM-supporting District Attorney Matt Fogal as Chief county enforcement officer, you could chalk another one up for the George Soros and his drive to destroy rural America.

If it can happen in rural Franklin County, it can happen anywhere.

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