BREAKING: Franklin County May be Ready to Join the Anti-Wolf Rebellion

BREAKING…2:30 PM May 9, 2020

By Dwight D. Weidman

According to inside information, a group of Franklin County officials, responding to an outcry of dissatisfaction from local citizens and some negative press, is preparing to join other South Central PA counties in the growing rebellion against Governor Wolf’s tyrannical COVID19 lockdown. This is significant in that Franklin County is considered a “Keystone County” in Pennsylvania, the “Keystone State” because of it’s location in the center of the state’s southern boundary along the Mason Dixon Line and it’s strategic location along a main commercial thoroughfare running through the Quad-State area, US Interstate 81.

It is said that the effort to move Franklin County from Red to Yellow is being led by two office holders, one at the state level and one at the county level. County Sheriff Dane Anthony has already issued a release that stated he and his department will not enforce any “unconstitutional actions”, which is interpreted as meaning any action not enacted by the legislature in accordance with Pennsylvania law.

This official action will give a boost to efforts we detailed earlier by local businesses to open without state permission.

It’s ironic that Franklin County is now going to be engaged in a rebellion against dictatorial rule, since 255 years ago, the first act of armed rebellion against British rule took place here, when James Smith led a band of colonists to end illegal British trade in weapons and alcohol with hostile Indian tribes which had resulted in the murder of local settlers. This series of incidents, known as the “Black Boys Rebellion” included armed clashes with the British garrison stationed at Fort Loudon which resulted in its removal. It is said that this event and subsequent actions helped to lay the foundation for the Second Amendment to the US Constitution.

The “Black Boys Rebellion” became the subject of a book called “The First Rebel”, and the 1939 Movie “Allegheny Uprising” starring John Wayne and Claire Trevor.

This modern day rebellion against tyranny will serve to put an end to the Wolf Administration’s war on Pennsylvania working people.

Franklin County Leaders Cower While Lebanon County Reps Take Action

by Dwight D. Weidman

Three State Representatives and One State Senator representing Lebanon County today put Governor Tom Wolf on notice that Lebanon County was going to move from the “Red” to “Yellow” phase of reopening on May 15th, with or without the Governor’s approval.

Senator Dave Arnold and Representatives Sue Helm, Frank Ryan, and Russ Diamond stated in the letter that Lebanon County had met the original requirements of the Governor’s Stay at Home Directive (as have other counties, including Franklin) and would proceed to begin reopening, based on the needs and desires of their constituents.

The letter was the latest in a series of statements made by PA county and state officials defending the rights of their constituents in the face the Wolf Administration’s ambiguous and tyrannical lockdown edicts.

Where are our elected leaders on this? Are they going to continue to beg for crumbs as Franklin County stays locked down another month or more? Lebanon County has nearly double the numbers of Coronavirus cases and deaths that are in Franklin, but apparently, they have something that Franklin County doesn’t have: legislators with guts.

It’s time for Senators Mastriano and Ward, and Representatives Kauffman, Schemel, Hershey and Topper to stop the grandstanding and useless legislative gestures and act on behalf of the people they supposedly serve. They’ve once again fumbled their chance to lead, but maybe they can at least be good followers. Lebanon County has shown the way!

Sorry Franklin County, Wolf Says “No Work for You” Until June 4th

By Dwight D. Weidman

According to the Associated Press, the 13 counties added to the “yellow” category for reopening under Governor Tom Wolf’s arbitrary and dictatorial lockdown edict will not include Franklin County, a move which will no doubt drive many small businesses into bankruptcy. It will mean that it will be until at least June 4th before most small businesses in Franklin County will be allowed to operate, despite the county’s low COVID19 case and death numbers, and the fact that neighboring counties are getting relief.

It’s ironic that this date is also right after the June 2nd primary election, since Wolf and his corrupt Democrat allies have been pushing hard to keep people away from the polls and cast mail-in ballots instead.

Hopefully this will give momentum to the new county movement “Open on 5-11” and inject some backbone into our otherwise spineless politicians. It’s time for a leader to step up to bring us out of this mess. For starters, local law enforcement should refuse to enforce Wolf’s illegal edicts, and our local District Attorney should follow the Green County DA’s lead in refusing to prosecute these so-called “offenses”.

The move to open Franklin County businesses on 5-11 needs everyone’s support. A press release has gone out to local media about the group’s formation. Anyone wishing to support this effort to resist Governor Wolf’s tyranny should go to the group’s Facebook page at or call Shane Myers at 717-709-6246.

Franklin County Group Formed to Fight for Reopening on 5-11

by Dwight D. Weidman.

In the face of Governor Wolf’s arbitrary and opaque rules for re-opening our economy, a group of Franklin County area business people have decided that enough is enough and have formed a group called “Fighting Back ReOpen May 11th”. The group launched a Facebook site on May 1st, and is currently made up of at least 18 small and medium-sized business owners who think it’s time to put people back to work and put food on the table for their families. Franklin and other surrounding South Central PA counties have had lower incidences of Coronavirus cases and deaths than other areas of the state but continue to be kept closed by government fiat.

Shane Myers, the director and spokesperson for the group, has stated that some businesses don’t want to be revealed at this point, due to fear of retaliation, but has listed Antrim Way Honda, UV Stems “The Flower Shop”, Janie’s Treasures, All Things Country, Alpha Fitness, UV Bronze Tanning, along with multiple Real Estate Agencies and Hair Salons as being charter members of the group. He has also stated that local elected officials State Senator Doug Mastriano, State Representatives Paul Schemel and Rob Kauffman, Greencastle Mayor Ben Thomas and 85th District Representative David Rowe have been very supportive. “I believe that the local officials will be on your side on this one. Keep up the effort” remarked Paul Schemel and “While there are risks associated with it, I understand why it may be necessary for some to do this. There is a time for civil disobedience in a democratic society. Citizens and business owners have to decide what their breaking point is. It would definitely be important to have the local mayors and police departments involved, as they are the ones enforcing in our local downtown business districts” said Representative Rob Kauffman. Myers said he also expects more businesses to get involved. The Facebook page also mentions that attorney Chris Sheffield is providing legal support to the group.

A press release has gone out to local media about the group’s formation. Anyone wishing to support this effort to resist Governor Wolf’s tyranny should go to the group’s Facebook page at or call Shane Myers at 717-709-6246.

Governor Wolf’s Solution to Your Unemployment? “Read a Book”

by Dwight D. Weidman

In a week where thousands of Pennsylvanians took to the streets to protest Governor Wolf’s autocratic shutdown orders and followed by the State Department of Health’s falsification of COVID19 death numbers, Governor Wolf has finally come up with a solution to all of our problems: “Read a book”.

On his Facebook page, Wolf wrote, “Things haven’t been easy lately. There is no better time to retreat into a book, unwind and relax.”

As people are watching their businesses go under or are losing their jobs or going hungry, Wolf takes the typical disconnected liberal view of their plight.

So, there you have it, just read a book and everything will be better.

Caught in a Lie, Wolf Administration Scrambles to Cover its Tracks on False Covid19 Death Figures

by Dwight D. Weidman

Never underestimate the power of modern medicine! It seems that overnight, 201 people in PA who were supposed to be victims of the Chinese Wuhan Virus suddenly came back to life! A couple of days ago, PA Health Secretary Rachel Levine added 269 deaths to the Pennsylvania count, including 10 to the Franklin County number of zero, only to be almost immediately being called out by several County Coroners, Representative Rob Kauffman and State Senator Douglas Mastriano. It seems that almost none of the extra 269 cases were real or had been recorded and passed to the state from the Coroners, and the numbers were quickly revised today. Franklin County actually has reported its first death due to lagging test results, but not the 10 that were reported by the state. Lagging, assumed, or post-mortem testing results do account for 68 of the total number, but the 201 reported deaths on which the state had to backtrack are “still under investigation”.

It was indeed ironic that the fake numbers were released the day after a few thousand Pennsylvanians converged on the State Capitol to protest Governor Wolf’s draconian shutdown orders that are financially strangling our citizens. It’s pretty apparent that there are still many citizens who are easily driven to hysteria by a health scare, even an overhyped one, so no doubt the tyrannical Wolf saw this as a golden opportunity to keep the panic going. Wolf has been just one of a number of Democrat governors who have seized this opportunity to strangle our booming economy to hurt President Trump’s chances in an election year. With virus case and death numbers coming down nearly everywhere, you can bet that stunts like this from the Democrats will become more common. Judging from citizen reaction, Wolf’s tactics are likely gong to backfire and serve up Pennsylvania to the President on a silver platter on November 3rd.

We should all be thankful that we have people like our elected representatives and row officers keeping watch!

Rep. Rob Kauffman Questions Mysterious Franklin County COVID19 Death Figure Increase

The PA Department of Health has reported that Franklin County COVID19 deaths have gone from zero to ten overnight. The only problem is that Franklin County still reports that there has still been no COVID19 deaths. Representative Kauffman posted the following statement on his Facebook page today:

“At this point, I will no longer be reporting data from the Department of Health. Overnight according to the PA Department of Health, the death total for COVID-19 in Franklin County went from 0 to 10. Currently, by provision of the County Code, County Coroners are getting all deaths reported to them, whether they are hospital, home or nursing home deaths. The Franklin County Coroner has 0 COVID-19 deaths on record. The PA Department of Health has 10 overnight. I cannot resolve this discrepancy and no one will answer the questions that I ask daily.”

Strange that the Wolf administration seems to be inflating the number of COVID19 deaths just a day after a few thousand Pennsylvanians demonstrated against his tyrannical shutdown measures.

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