Congressman John Joyce, Trump Campaign and Others Sue Pennsylvania Over Mail-in Voting. Franklin County among Defendents

Tuesday 30 June 2020

The Trump re-election campaign, Republican National Committee, and other parties, including 13th District Congressman John Joyce have filed a lawsuit against the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and all 67 county election boards, including Franklin County, over mail-in voting. The lawsuit alleges that Secretary of the Commonwealth, Kathy Boockvar, along with at least 20 counties have violated the state’s own law by  failing to properly administer Act 77, which expanded mail-in voting. The lawsuit claims that rules were changed before the June 2nd Primary primarily for Democrat-controlled counties and that un-monitored mail-in ballots were allowed to be delivered to other locations other than directly to county election boards, as specified by law.

Apparently, in some counties, ballots were allowed to be delivered to shopping centers, parking lots, fairgrounds, parks, retirement homes, college campuses, fire halls, municipal government buildings, and elected officials’ offices.

In addition, the lawsuit addresses irregularities in vote counting procedures in Philadelphia as well as the preclusion of poll-watchers from many vote-counting locations.

It is pretty apparent that the Wolf Administration used the June Primary as a dry run in a plan to steal the election for Joe Biden in Pennsylvania, a critical swing state.

The lawsuit can be viewed in PDF format HERE.


Franklin County Conservative Republicans Take Back Their Party

By Dwight D. Weidman                                                                         June 28, 2020

In a recent column in Chambersburg Public Opinion, I posed the question of “if Franklin County voters are so conservative, why are most of our elected politicians moderate to liberal?”.  Anyone following local politics will quickly realize that our local Republican politicians, for the most part, talk a good conservative game, but at the same time march in lockstep with the Harrisburg Republican establishment.

Until last Saturday, that moderate to liberal political establishment held the local Republican Committee in a choke hold. Their mismanagement and cronyism since they took over in 2014 had driven the party to the brink of ruin, and then a funny thing happened. The elected conservative members of the committee, at a biennial reorganizational meeting, took advantage of the complacency of the ruling clique and replaced the establishment chairman with a conservative, Chambersburg Boro Council Member Allen Coffman.

Coffman’s election as Chairman over two-term Chair Robert Ternes blindsided the liberal faction of the party. It wasn’t a move that was long in the planning, but it definitely was born out a collective sense that the establishment drones of the “Franklin County Reagan Coalition” were unable to lead the party, and in fact, were destroying it from within.  Don’t be confused by the title “Reagan Coalition”, because if the late President Ronald Reagan knew his name was on such a group, he would turn over in his grave.   What the Reagan Coalition proved since taking over the party in 2014 was that you can’t build something based on negativity. Since their founding by disgruntled moderate and liberal Republicans in 2008, their one goal was the takeover of the Republican Committee and especially its treasury.  When they did manage to get their majority and chairmanship in June 2014, it was immediately obvious that they had no plan or vision for the party itself. They were like an old dog who spent years chasing cars, until finally catching one, with predictable consequences. Negative emotions like envy, hate and greed are powerful, but you can’t build anything on them. Thus the Reagan Coalition’s total lack of vision has had predictable repercussions, a nearly shattered party.

Probably a key moment in Saturday’s reorganization came when a committee member highlighted an item in the Treasurer’s report that demonstrated an unprecedented drop in the number of memberships in the party’s “Ben Franklin Society”, an organization of Republicans who donate $300 per year to the party. The Ben Franklin Society had become a prime target of the Reagan Coalition’s hostile takeover attempts since 2008 and since 2014 the membership level had fallen by 75% due to willful neglect. Then-Chairman Ternes was asked if he was a member of Ben Franklin, to which he replied he was not. He was asked if he was a Reagan Coalition member and he said that he was. If there was a final nail in the coffin, that was it, because prior to Ternes’ chairmanship, every party chairman had been a member of Ben Franklin to show their dedication to the organization they chaired. The committee then voted to replace Ternes as chairman with Allen Coffman by a 70-30% margin. The executive committee has taken on a decidedly conservative look, as well, just in time for the November general election.  Chairman Coffman seems to have no agenda other than to win in November.

In a heavily Republican county like we have, it isn’t just a matter of giving President Trump a majority of our votes, because that is a given.  Franklin County can make a difference in Trump winning Pennsylvania by maximizing both turnout and winning margin. Republicans can do that if they all pull together and get every single Trump voter out to the polls on November 3rd. The Franklin County Republican Party is ready to lead but needs volunteers, contributions and your ideas. Money collected will be used to pay headquarters rent and utilities, and even more importantly, to purchase campaign literature, signs, and get out the vote operations.  Everyone has a skill that can be used. Don’t feel left out if you can’t afford to make a contribution, either large or small, because there are a million ways you can make a difference. If you need further information, the party’s number is 717-263-7999, or if you wish to leave a comment here, I can help you get in touch or provide information.

Please also remember that a record of all contributions and expenditures is reported to the PA Secretary of State and can be viewed online. Finally all members of the county Republican committee and state committee, including officers, are unpaid volunteers.

Your county Republican Party and President Trump  need you.




Disgusting: Franklin County DA Matt Fogal Bows to Black Lives Matter and Backs Joe Biden

Thursday June 11, 2020                                                                 by Dwight D. Weidman

In a thoroughly disgusting letter dated 7 June, 2020 and addressed to “Franklin County Citizens”, Franklin County District Attorney Matthew Fogal expressed solidarity with leftist hate group Black Lives Matter, the same group that has been rioting, burning and murdering citizens and police officers nationwide.  Fogal also took the opportunity to join Deep State operative James Mattis in attacking President Trump and in all but name encouraging Republicans to vote for sleazy Democrat Joe Biden in November.

Fogal has been District Attorney since 2009, taking office after the untimely death of then DA Jack Nelson.  At the time of Nelson’s death, Fogal was a registered Independent, but quickly changed his registration to Republican so that he could run for the office of DA.  Fogal also almost immediately joined the vile group of renegade “Republicans” known as “The Franklin County Reagan Coalition”, which was founded in 2008 to compete with the local Republican Party. In June 2014, the Reagan Coalition took over the local party and in the ensuing years have succeeded in dismantling all of the progress made by Republicans in the preceding 20 years by bleeding the treasury and shutting down virtually all voter outreach operations.

In return for Fogal’s fealty and monetary contributions, the RINOs of the Reagan Coalition work to ensure that Fogal will always run unopposed, a tactic that they employ with all politicians under their control.

When I discovered the Fogal letter (below), I admit that I found it hard to believe that he would pen such a treacherous piece, so I confirmed it by emailing Matt. He responded that he did write it, almost sounding proud of it.  Fogal is the third local Republican to go off the rails lately, with County Commissioner Dave Keller and Chambersburg Mayor Walt Bietsch joining the Democrats and their Governor Tom Wolf to keep Franklin County locked down despite the decline in Coronavirus cases.  The fact that local Republican officeholders seem emboldened to come out as “Democrats in all but name” is due to a local Republican Party that is all but dead, and under the control of the liberals in the comically-misnamed Reagan Coalition. In fact, the local titular and unelected party chairman has all but quit on the job, having not been seen nor heard from for months.

Suffice it to say that the citizens of one of the most conservative counties in Pennsylvania deserve better. The top county law enforcement officer in the county should be working to protect the citizenry, and not bowing to threats from an anti-American hate group.

In other words, Matt Fogal is incapable of doing his job, and should resign immediately. Failing that, Republicans should find a law and order candidate to unseat him in 2023.

fogal letter

PA House and Senate Pass Concurrent Resolution 836 To ReOpen the State

10:00 PM June 9, 2020                                              By Dwight D. Weidman

According to Franklin County Representative Paul Schemel, the House passed a resolution tonight to end the governor’s COVID-19 emergency declaration. This was done on a 121-81, bipartisan vote. The Senate has already passed the same resolution.

Under the Pennsylvania Constitution, the General Assembly has the authority to terminate a state of disaster emergency at any time by concurrent resolution. Upon adoption of the resolution, the governor must issue an executive order or proclamation ending the state of disaster emergency. Today’s House vote completes the concurrent resolution process.

Now, let’s see what lawless Governor Tom Wolf will do. Keep in mind that there is already a resolution of impeachment seeking sponsors in the House.

Your move, Governor!


PA Governor Wolf Gives Democrat-Stronghold Counties an Extra Week to get Mail-in Votes in and Counted

by Dwight D. Weidman 7:00 PM 1 June 2020

In what could be a dry run for massive mail-in vote fraud for November, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has issued an edict granting an extra week for the delivery of mail-in ballots for six Democrat counties: Philadelphia, Delaware, Montgomery, Allegheny, Dauphin, and Erie Counties. The ballots will be counted if postmarked by 8 PM, 2 June 2020. The deadline for getting a mail-in ballot DELIVERED TO the county courthouses was 8 PM on June 2nd, 2020 (the normal poll-closing time), and postmarks were not supposed to count, but Wolf arbitrarily added an additional week to get voted ballots in, for heavily-Democratic counties.

For those who have followed Democrat voter fraud over the years, extending poll closing times in for Democrat areas has been a common tactic to give leftist candidates an edge by stretching out the counting process and giving fraudsters extra time to “find” Democrat votes.

The overall impact in this, a primary election will be minimal, but this has to be looked at as a test case for possible Democrat fraud in November by a liberal governor who has been emboldened by the powers he assumed during the Coronavirus fraud.

It’s time to put the federal watchdogs on alert in Pennsylvania.

Wolf Waffles and Turns Franklin Yellow

Dwight D. Weidman 22 May 2020

It appears Governor Wolf is feeling some pressure, even from those in his own party. It has been reported that many Philly-area Dems are fed up with Wolf’s over-the-top lockdowns, especially in light of evidence that the lockdowns do more harm than good, a fact that even Dr. Anthony Fauci acknowledged today. Wolf’s Health Department was also caught in and admission that they were mixing data on top types of COVID19 tests, which would inflate the virus case filters.

It was announced today that Franklin County, along with others, will be moved from “Red” to “Yellow” a week from today, a move that will lighten some lockdown restrictions.

As regions or counties move into this phase, some restrictions on work and social interaction will ease. The purpose of this phase is to begin reopening the economy while keeping the spread of disease contained as much as possible. Restrictions will be adjusted as necessary based on public health indicators.

  • Businesses with in-person operations must follow safety orders, as well as CDC/Department of Health guidelines for social distancing and cleaning
  • Working remotely must continue where feasible
  • Child care facilities can open but must follow safety orders, as well as CDC/Department of Health guidelines for social distancing and cleaning
  • Large gatherings of more than 25 people prohibited
  • Restaurants and bars remain limited to takeout and delivery only
  • Indoor recreation, gyms, spas and entertainment facilities (including casinos and theaters) remain closed.
  • In-person retail allowed, but curbside and delivery service is preferable
  • Stay-at-home orders lifted

Despite Wolf’s easing us into the Yellow phase. Many of us think that it’s time to allow people to get on with their lives. We’ve “flattened the curve”, so we should be totally out of lockdown.

There will be a peaceful demonstration Saturday 23 May at 10 AM in the Chambersburg Center Square with speakers as listed on the lead image. Feel free to attend if you want to reopen Franklin County.

Local Long Term Care Facilities on PA List for COVID19 Cases and Deaths

May 19, 2020 by Dwight D. Weidman

With a growing number of nursing home Covid19 cases and deaths, along with increasing pressure from the public, Pennsylvania released a list of long-term care facilities where the Coronavirus has infected or killed residents.

Included on that list is four facilities in Franklin County, with two showing substantial number of cases among both residences and employees, along with a number of deaths.

The numbers for each Franklin County Long Term Care facility are as follows (an asterisk* means that less than 5 cases or deaths have been reported for that facility, so the state has redacted the number for privacy purposes):

Facility – Resident Cases – Employee Cases – Deaths

Manorcare Chambersburg – 57 – 10 – *

Providence Place Chambersburg – * – 0 – 0

Shook Home – 42 – * – 6

Spiritrust Lutheran Luther Ridge – * – 0 – 0

One nearby Cumberland County facility located in Shippensburg, Shippensburg Health Care Center, had 88 resident cases, 18 employee cases and 23 deaths.

Latest Data Proves that Panic was Unwarranted

Turzai Letter Reveals Virus Confined to High Risk Groups

Monday May 18th, 2020 by Dwight D. Weidman

The latest data obtained from a letter sent out by House Speaker Mike Turzai on Sunday shows that the Coronavirus case and death rate have been blown way out of context as related to the public at large. Even the death numbers may be exaggerated as revealed by numbers published from other states such as Colorado which show the CDC counting cases of death not caused by Covid19 as Coronavirus deaths. Over two months ago, on March 5th, 2020, the topic of my bi-weekly column in the Chambersburg Public Opinion, I wrote that COVID19, or the Wuhan Coronavirus was being overhyped and would be used by the Democrats, media and politicians of every stripe to their advantage. The column, entitled: “Don’t believe all the Hype over the Coronavirus” was written before all of the government overreach and before our local politicians first joined in the panic, and then tied to reverse themselves to appear like they were trying to protect us from our Governor’s dictatorial lockdown decrees. Well, it’s always nice to be able to say “I told you so”.

All of the bragging aside, some very revealing numbers have been released by the Speaker of the PA House, Mike Turzai in a letter with today’s date. The letter, shown below, is addressed to House members and contains the latest analysis of the Covid19 death rates in Pennsylvania, and they reveal that the worst effects of the disease are concentrated mainly among very high risk groups, and not the general population.

As you can see from the letter, almost 70% of deaths occurred in nursing home and care home settings, and 90% of the deaths were among people who had one or more complicating factors such as heart disease or other severe conditions. The letter goes on to state that as of May 15th, 2020, only 5% of available hospital beds were occupied by COVID19 patients and just over 1% were on ventilators.

To think that we have destroyed millions of jobs and lives in our country over this hype is sickening, even more sickening than the virus itself. There needs to be a reckoning!

Governor Wolf Keeps Franklin County Locked Down as Punishment Despite Treachery of Local Officials

wolf rodent

May 15, 2020

By Dwight D. Weidman 

Well, it appears that the cowering of Franklin County Commissioners Dave Keller and Bob Ziobrowski and Chambersburg Mayor Walt Bietsch did no good, as Governor Tom Wolf today moved twelve more counties into the “Yellow” phase of opening, except for Franklin County. As you can see from the map below, counties all around Franklin have been allowed to open, despite our low case and death numbers, which themselves are probably based on outdated information.

may 15 reopeningIt’s clear that Wolf is out to teach us a lesson for resisting his illegal decrees, and that the cowardice of a few local turncoats only wetted his appetite for more power.  Now is the time for all of the legislators who signed the letter to Wolf last weekend to actually show us something more than words and organize some action on the ground as well as legislative measures to resist this tyrant.  As a starter, those officials who called on Wolf to reopen PA should openly denounce the three turncoats who joined Wolf and pledge to work for their removal. Failure to do that will reveal that they are all just two sides of the same coin.


Three Franklin County Turncoats Join Wolf’s War on Pennsylvania

May 13, 2020

by Dwight D. Weidman

Walt Bietsch, the Mayor of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, and Franklin County Commissioners Dave Keller and Bob Ziobrowski have turned on their fellow Franklin Countians and joined the PA Governor who attacked his own citizens, calling them “cowards” and “deserters” for wanting to reopen their businesses.

All three of these turncoats are now supporting Tom Wolf’s punishment of Franklin County and have agreed that both the Boro of Chambersburg and Franklin County must remain under lockdown until June 4th.

It isn’t surprising that Commissioner Bob Ziobrowski, a Democrat has joined Wolf, but as late as this weekend, it was rumored that Commissioner Keller, a Republican, wanted to sign the “open on May 15th letter” sent to the governor by Franklin County’s legislative delegation and Commissioner John Flannery. The question is, who got to Keller?

Chambersburg Mayor, Walter Bietsch is even a bigger surprise, after making a splash by announcing he wouldn’t enforce the governor’s “red” lockdown edict in March. It was reported today that Bietsch tucked his tail between his legs and did a quick retreat by issuing this weak statement: “While the appropriateness of the ‘red’ phase designation is subject to debate, local elected officials do not have the authority to independently permit non-waivered businesses to open during this ‘red’ phase,” Bietsch said. “Non-waivered business owners/operators, who choose to open, do so at their own peril, considering the possible negative impacts that they may experience from the Wolf Administration, for violating the business closure order.”

Benedict Arnold would be so proud of you, Mayor Bietsch!

In the case of the two turncoat commissioners, they released an open letter to the residents of Franklin County announcing their treachery. Apparently not content with sticking residents with $100 million of debt for a questionably-managed courthouse project, they now want to crush small businesses across the county. Below is an image of the letter from the Newstalk 103.7 website.

It’s time for the people of Franklin County to let these people know how you feel. For Chambersburg residents, you don’t have to wait too long to get rid of Mayor Bietsch, since the election for Mayor is in 2021. To get rid of Dave Keller and Bob Ziobrowski, you have to wait until 2023. Maybe in addition to going to Harrisburg to demonstrate, you should schedule a big rally closer to home!

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