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Mysterious Jamming Noticed on Air Force Global Command System Frequency

by Dwight Weidman, K3WVU 4 March 2022 Amateur Radio operators and Shortwave Listeners have notice a strange radio signal that is frequently appearing on one of the US Air Force High Frequency Global Communications System voice frequencies that is used by installations and aircraft worldwide for both routine and emergency traffic. The frequency is 8.992…

Central Pennsylvania Town Repeals LGBTQ “Protection” Ordinance. Left Goes Crazy

25 Jan 2022 by Dwight D. Weidman Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, a small borough located in South Central PA, is the first community in PA to repeal a leftist-inspired LGBTQ+ “protection” ordinance that was pushed through by last year’s leftist-dominated Borough Council. The ordinance “banned discrimination based on sex, race, religion and other factors”, which was unnecessary…

PA Congressman John Joyce Joins Democrats again, this time to Fund Vaccination Database

Dwight D. Weidman 10 December 2021 On November 30th, Congressman John Joyce, who represents Pennsylvania’s conservative 13th District, joined seventy-nine other squishy Republican moderates and every House Democrat in passing HR 550, The Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act, a bill designed to fund a Federal Vaccination Database. The bill provides $400 million to fund, in the…

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